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Tiny Classroom is designed for people who are learning a foreign language and need an effective way to learn and review new vocabulary. Tiny Classroom contains several features that will help you memorize your new vocabulary quickly and effectively. Bear in mind that to get the most out of the more advanced features you may need to spend some time preparing your vocabulary word lists.

Tiny Classroom uses the Flash Card method for learning new foreign language vocabulary. One of the key features of Tiny Classroom that we find particularly enhances our language study is the ability to check against a written answer using any installed handwriting recognition input method. There are several good handwriting recognition input methods available on the Android Market Place.

In Tiny Classroom, your words are organized into lists, and lists are arranged into groups. This hierarchy enables you to review and categorize large numbers of words in a structured manner. Words are displayed on cards, where the front and back of the card can display either your native or foreign language word. On the back of the card you can also include additional information that will enhance your study, such as pronunciation, phonetic representation, example usage or a dictionary definition.

The following example card layout shows the native language on the front and the foreign language on the back. This example also includes an English transliteration, a sample usage and a translation of the usage. The information you choose to include on the cards is up to you and your individual study requirements.

Sample Card FrontSample Card Back

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