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Groups and lists form the structured components from which you select the words to study. When you start Tiny Classroom you will see the Word Groups view, this view presents a summary of the groups. The highlight bars indicate your progress in learning the words in the group. The grey highlight indicates the words that have been marked as known, and the green highlight indicates the words that have been learned through writing.

If you prefer a more detailed view of the groups then you can slide open the drawer at the bottom of the screen to reveal the groups detail view. Tip: Refer to the Settings section to find out how to include word flags in the detail view.

Word Groups SummaryWord Groups Detail

Performing a long press on an item in either the groups summary or groups detail view will display the groups context menu. From the context menu you can select various functions to assist in managing the words in the group. For more information about the menu functions refer to the Context Menus section.

 Word Groups Context Menu

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