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Filters enable you to concentrate on particular words from your list. For example, when reviewing a list you may wish to exclude any words you have already marked as known. Alternatively, you may wish to go back to a list you have completed and review only the difficult words.

The filter function is available from the menu of the learning view as shown below. Use the checkboxes to select the flags that you wish to include in your working list. The filter will only control which words are shown in the learning view, it will not adjust any flags on the words in the list. The example below is the filter you might set if you wished to review the words you had either not makred as known or had found difficult to learn.

Filter Menu ItemFilter Function

The filter function provides a flexible way for you to select the particular words that you want to concentrate on learning. The Tiny Classroom team has developed the filter function so that you dont have to waste your valuable study time flipping through words you have already committed to memory.

When you change the filter, the words in your working list will automatically be updated to match the new filter. If it is not excluded by the new filter, then Tiny Classroom will retain the position of the word you are currently viewing. If you adjust the flags on a word or mark it as unknown, known or answered, and the flags no longer match the filter, then Tiny Classroom will automatically remove the word from the working list.

Tip: Filters are configured on a per list basis. When you return to a list Tiny Clasrrom will prepare the working list based on the last filter that you set. The default filter includes all words except those flagged as written.

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