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How to Learn

Using the various learning modes offerred in Tiny Classroom there are many was in which you can learn new words. In this section we will outline some of our favourite methods and offer some tips. Certainly you do not have to learn in the method outlined in this section, we recommend that you experiment a little and find a learning method that works best for you.

Review the list and exclude words you know

If you are looking at a new list of words, then display the words in list view and quickly identify if there are any words you do not want to include in your learning list. Perhaps these are words that you already know. In list view single tap or long press on these words and flag them as answered, this will mean that they are automatically excluded from your working list by the default filter.

Alternatively, view the words in list view and identify only the words that you wish to learn, select those words and flag them as favourites. Then adjust your filter to include favourite words but exclude unanswered words. You will find that your workling list now contains only the words you have flagged as favourites.

Tip: The filter applies a logical 'or' operation to the selected flags, so your favourites will be displayed regardless of whether they are flagged as unanswered, answered or written. This may change the way you will apply some of the other methods suggested below.

Learn the words in auto play mode

Begin reviewing the words in auto play mode, spend some time going through the list a few times. Use the settings to configure an appropriate front of card and back of card delay that works for you. Once you have learned most of the words in the list, reduce the delay so that you are forced to remember the words a little quicker.

Tip: Tiny Classroom can display your words in either random order or the original list order, you can adjust this option in the settings menu.

Mark the words as known in flip mode

Now use flip mode to begin marking the words as known or unknown. This will help you identify which of the words you have learned and which words require further study. At this stage you may want to adjust the filter to shown only words that are flagged as unaswered. This will help you to concentrate on the words you have not learned. Adjust the filter and perhaps return to auto play mode to review just the unknown words.

Tip: If you have been through the list several times and marked the same words as unknown then you will notice that those words will have been automatically marked as difficult. Try adjusting the filter to concentrate on just these words.

Tip: At any time you can return to list view and reset the flags for all words in the list by selecting the Reset flags option from the long press context menu. Then you can return to learning view and start your learning again from the beginining.

Answer the words in writing mode

Whether or not you use writing mode is up to you. We found that we learned the words better when we used writing mode. Go through your entire list in writing mode and make sure you can write all the answers.

Tip: If you dont know the answer then flip the card to peek the answer and write it anyway. Tiny Classroom will not mark this word as written because you have cheated, but writing the answer anyway will help to reinforce the word in your memory.

Tip: Press the menu button, edit the settings and try setting the Number of answers setting to Two or Three, this will mean that you will have to provide two or three correct answers before the word is removed from your working list.

Speed review the words in auto play mode

By now you will have learned all the words in your list. However, you will probably find that for some of the words it takes you a little longer to remember them than others. You need to be able to recall words quickly to use them in conversation. We found that you can increase your recall speed using auto play mode.

Set the auto play back of card delay to one second and set the front of card delay to a short duration, perhaps even one second. Then review the list in auto play mode, the speed of the auto play will challenge you to remember the words very quickly. The auto play delays are configured from the settings, refer to the Settings section for more information.

Tip: By now you will find that some or all words have been removed from your workling list. To review all of the words in the list adjust the filter to include all flags.

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