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On the Web

Most word lists on the web are provided in a format that can easily be imported into Tiny Classroom. From the website find an option to save or download the file in a CSV (comma separated) or TXT (tab delimited) file format. The words should be presented as pairs separated by a comma or tab. A simple CSV format is shown below.


Tip: CSV files must use the CSV file extension, if your downloaded file looks like "csv_file.txt" then rename it to "csv_file.csv".

If the website does not support downloading then copy and paste the word list into a text editor and save the document as either a CSV or TXT file exension (be sure to save the file as Unicode encoded). Please refer to the Create Your Own section for further information about creating import files.

Connect your Android device to your computer and copy the file you have downloaded to the "tinyclassroom" folder on the SD card.

Disconnect your Android device from your computer and import the file into Tiny Classroom using the Import function.

Web Sites

Tiny Classroom does not endorse or recommend any specific websites. Try typing a search string such as "spanish word lists" into Google, you will find many thousands of websites.

An example of a website we have used during our own foreign language study is Flash Card Exchange (www.flashcardexchange.com).

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