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Context Menus

The context menus are accessed by performing a long press on the group or list in either the summary or detail view. The context menus provide a range of functions to assist you in managing your groups, lists and words.

Manage words

The manage words function displays the words in a simple list view which enables you to quickly review the words and adjust the flags. The manage words list view will show all words contained in the selected group or list. Refer to the List View and Flags sections for further information on how to use this view.

Manage Words

Reset flags

Flags provide an immediate visual reference by which you can track your learning of a word. The reset flags function enables you to clear the flags for selected words from the group or list. Refer to the Flags section for further information. Tip: If either of the Answered or Written flags are cleared then the selected words are flagged as Unanswered.

 Reset Flags

Delete Group, Delete List

The delete function allows you to permanently delete the group or list. Tip: Before deleting a group or list you may want to consider performing a backup or exporting the group or list. Refer to the Import and Export and Backup and Restore sections.

 Delete Group

Rename Group, Rename List

 If you have imported a word group or word list from an external file you may wish to rename the group or list to help you better organise your words.

Rename Group

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