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Flip Mode

Flip Mode

Tiny Classrooms' flip mode provides the classic flash card style for learning foreign language vocabulary. Words are shown on cards and you flip the card to mark the word as either known or unknown. Tiny Classroom provides a couple of innovations to make this process smoother and more effective. To flip a card you can either tap the card image or press the flip card button. Like most flash card applications, Tiny Classroom will use an animation while flipping the card to simulate the card being turned over by hand.

The flip card button behaves similar to the answer call and reject call buttons on the Android phone application. If you press and hold the flip card button you can drag the button to the left or right. If the button is dragged to the extreme left or extreme right then the word is flagged as unanswerd or answered respectively. This feature enables you to quickly flip the card and flag the word using a single touch gesture.

Flip Card ButtonFlip Card Button

In case you prefer to use a more standard method of marking the card as known or unknown, when the back of the card is displayed Tiny Classroom provides the standard mark as known and mark as unknown buttons. Tiny Classroom uses a tick button to represent known, and a cross button to represent unknown. Pressing the unknown button will flag the word as unanswered. Pressing the known button will flag the word as answered. Tip: The tick button is colored gray to indicate that it will flag the word as known but will not flag the word as written.

Unknown and Known Buttons

To manually adjust the flags on a word long press on the card image. This will display the set flags view. With the exception of the favourites flag Tiny Classroom will automatically handle setting and clearing the flags for you. However, if you would prefer to set the flags differently then use this feature to set the flags in a manner which matches your own learning style.

Set Flags View

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