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Auto Play Mode

Auto Play Mode

If you are reviewing new words then you need a way to quickly flip through the new words and memorise them. Auto play mode provides a way for you to quickly and automatically preview the words in the working list. In auto play mode Tiny Classroom will display the front of the card, wait a few seconds, flip the card, wait a few seconds, and then automatically move to the next card. Tip: You can configure the delay for which the front and back of the card is shown from the settings.

Use the pause button to suspend the auto play if you wish to study a word for longer. When auto play is paused the pause button will change to a resume button which can be used to resume auto play. Tip: During auto play you can continue to swipe your finger across the screen to move to the next and previous words. You can even still perform a long press to adjust the flags. 

Auto Play Buttons

Learning words is important but you also need to be able to remember them quickly during conversation. Auto play mode can be used to increase your recall speed. By setting a minimal delay for the card front you can challenge yourself to recall the word quickly before the card is flipped. See the Learning Methods section for some further tips on how auto play mode can enhance your learning.

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