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Writing Mode

Writing Mode

From our own language study experiences we found that we learned words better and remembered them more reliably when we not only viewed the words but actually wrote them down. A unique feature of Tiny Classroom is the ability to test your word knowledge using a written answer. In writing mode you can use any installed input method or handwriting recognition input method to provide a written answer for the word. If you provide a correct answer Tiny Classroom will briefly highlight the word with a green shadow then automatically flag the word as written and advance to the next word.

The writing mode is functionaly quite rich but the advanced features may be a little confusing to the first time user. We suggest you experiment a little. Tiny Classroom will automatically handle detecting when you have learned the word and flag the word as written, which will commonly result in the word being removed from the working list so you can concentrate on the words you have not learned.

There are many good handwriting recognition input methods available on the Android market Place. Our principle developer has been using Tiny Classroom to study the Korean Language and has reported good results using the DioPen solution from DIOTEK, which is the input method we have shown in the screenshots below. You can also use a standard keyboard based input method if your prefer.

Writing ModeWriting Mode

Important: Even if you provide the correct written answer, Tiny Classroom will not flag the word as written if you have cheated and 'peeked' the answer first. Peeking is what we call it when you flip the card to check the answer immediately before writing it. If you have just peeked the answer then the word will only be flagged as answered; it will not be flagged as written. To correctly answer a word and have it flagged as written you must provide the correct written answer without peeking!

Number of Written Answers

Providing a single correct written answer does not necessarily mean you have learned the word. For this reason, Tiny Classroom allows you to configure the number of correct (and not peeked) written answers that must be provided before the word is flagged as written. You can access this configuration from the settings menu, refer to the Settings section for further information.

Alternative Answers

Translation is never perfect, so there may be several written answers for a particular word which are considered correct. Alternatively, you may wish Tiny Classroom to accept a written answer provided both with or without an accent on certain letters. For example, in the German Colors list in the tutorial, Tiny Classroom will accept both Grün and Grun as a correct answer for Green. Configuring alternative answers does require a little more time when preparing your word lists, it is up to you if you wish to use this feature or not. Refer to the Word Lists section for further information.

Auto Complete

As an experimental feature, Tiny Classroom has the ability to auto complete words that contain infinive or other standard word endings. In the intial version the list of auto completions is non-configurable and supports the Korean language only. For example, in the Korean language many standard verbs end with the suffix 하다 (hada), so it is not convenient to repeatedly type this suffix when providing written answers. Tiny Classroom will detect if you have provide the correct written answer without the suffix and automatically append the suffix if required. If you have any feedback on this feature or would like it extended to other languages then please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Auto CompleteAuto Complete



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